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Monday, November 26, 2012

Triarchy Spring/Summer 2013

We’ve all witnessed from a plethora of Calvin Klein billboards over the years how important a toned, nubile, and half-naked body is when it comes to the marketing of a fresh pair of jeans. Perhaps, this is what Triarchy had in mind with its World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week runway presentation of its upcoming Spring/Summer designer denim line.

(The above image is from KENTON magazine.)

THE BRUNETTES had front-row seats to what was undoubtedly the hottest show of the season and watched as semi-dressed models showed off their goods—and the label's wares—to an adoring audience. 


The Vancouver-based line was inspired by a one-night stand in St. Tropez and seemingly by shipwrecked castaways, given the rope props that many of the models either carried or wore as impromptu tops, and featured denim in many different washes and colors. 



The diverse range of denims featured studded embellishments, tie-dyed effects, metallic foils, and—our personal favorites—jeans created with a dip-dyed process for a hip and alluring ombré look.  

Authored by John Ibbitson

Images from THE BRUNETTES' own collection *not to be used without providing a source link to this posting

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