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Saturday, November 10, 2012

James Bond Suits Up in Tom Ford

The new James Bond flick, ‘Skyfall’, opens in theatres today and is undoubtedly going to take the lead at the box office this weekend. Daniel Craig reprises his role once again as the iconic 007, who is known as much for his suave sense of style as he his for his dedication to MI6.

Styled in this film with bespoke pieces from renowned designer Tom Ford, the suit—and in recent films, swimwear—still remains an important piece of iconography to Bond’s identity no matter how rough-and-tumble Daniel Craig plays the character. Bond’s style is classic, simple and masculine, and definitely a strong part of who he is as a man. Tom Ford approached the character with these style attributes in mind, creating signature pieces for Craig to wear to enhance his persona as the UK’s top secret agent.

If it truly is the clothing that makes the man, then Tom Ford’s version of Bond is charismatic, alluring, dangerous, and … undefeatable.

Authored by John Ibbitson

Image from Out

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