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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Toronto Men's Fashion Week Coverage: Exaggerated Prints and Androgynous Staples Take the Stage at TOM Spring/Summer 2015





This month, Toronto Men's Fashion Week joined the ranks of Milan, London, Florence, Singapore,  Los Angeles, and Vancouver with the city's first-ever, fashion week event dedicated exclusively to the promotion of menswear. Held at the prestigious Fairmont Royal York hotel, the presentation drew a massive crowd of style-conscious spectators.

From its display of Canadian talent to its charitable MensFashion4Hope mission, TOM failed to disappoint and set the stage for success with its artful range of designer collections. While event favourites like Christopher Bates and HD HOMME drew in the largest crowds, it was the show's more avant-garde and edgy collections that really stood out.

Showstoppers from the first-ever Toronto Men's Fashion Week explored clashing patterns and androgynous silhouettes that were bold and editorial-worthy. Whether playing with proportion, experimenting with tactile materials, or opting for gender-bending styles, these examples blurred the lines between art and fashion. 

Always one to break from tradition, BENJI WZW fused Oriental and New Wave inspirations when creating his latest collection. The pattern-enriched menswear line reminded us of Ryan Gosling's 'Drive' character and embodied the designer's luxe streetwear aesthetic. Other memorable presentations included TOTHEM's layered print runway show that changed the concept of traditional casuals. Its latest collection married vanguard design details with breathable fabrics. These ultra-cool looks are set to appeal to the urban dweller whose wardrobe blends style and comfort. 

Finishing off the list is WORTH by David. C. Wigley and the controversial presentation from L'UOMO STRANO by designer Mic. Carter. While David C. Wigley brought his signature range of prints to the runway stage, Mic. dared to shock with his futuristic and gender-bending collection.

The menswear line was one of the most talked-about presentations at TOM and also one of its most intriguing. L'UOMO STRANO's runway show left audience members in awe of its unconventional beauty and celebrated conceptual fashion that blurs gender lines. 

Authored by Jana Pijak

Images from the Toronto Starto-Fashionistas, and THE BRUNETTES’ own collection *images from THE BRUNETTES’ collection not to be used without providing a source link to this posting

Monday, August 18, 2014

Androgynously Chic Collections: THE BRUNETTES Attend the Devlyn Van Loon Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Debut

The always humble and generous designer, Thomas Bálint, hosted the Spring/Summer 2015 collection debut of fellow gal-pal designer, Devlyn van Loon, last month at his Queen West studio space in downtown Toronto.

Titled 'GLIMPSE', the womenswear line focused on edgy separates with dynamic cuts, modern silhouettes, and crisp tailoring in a range of darker hues. Bold blacks, fresh whites, and deep reds give this casual, springtime collection a more sophisticated, yet effortlessly simple, feel.

In construction and palette, the Devlyn Van Loon Spring/Summer 2015 line perfectly complemented the aesthetic of her designer host's label, which makes sense as she and Thomas Bálint have collaborated together on androgynous frocks in the past.

But, by showing only a select few menswear pieces from his own brand in a separate room at the back of his studio, Thomas Bálint made sure that guests knew that this evening was to showcase the talents of his respected protégé.

If you've never seen either of their work, or are just interested in how you can get your hands on some of it, both designer labels can be found at the Thomas Bálint Showroom on 960 Queen Street West in Toronto. For THE BRUNETTES, it was definitely worth the streetcar ride.  

Authored by John Ibbitson

Images from THE BRUNETTES’ own collection *images from THE BRUNETTES’ collection not to be used without providing a source link to this posting

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Minimalist Monochromatic Menswear: The David Andersen Spring/Summer 2015 Collection Offers Hues in a Few

Modern cuts and silhouettes combined with unique fabric blends told a style story of monochromatic minimalism during the David Andersen Spring/Summer 2015 collection, which was recently presented at Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The runway show focused on cool moto-pieces, Japanese-inspired tailoring, skirted trousers, and cut-and-sew combinations. Directional lines and slender shapes give the collection an edgy sophistication, making the David Andersen Spring/Summer 2015 lineup both hip and haute. 

Authored by John Ibbitson

Images from F****** Young!  

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Outdoorsy Urbanite Apparel: WOOD WOOD Releases its Fall/Winter 2014 Lookbook

Bungee-cord belts, printed-logo graphics, and athletic silhouettes are combined to create the WOOD WOOD Fall/Winter 2014 collection. The Danish brand releases its latest catalog that highlights urban, rock-climber apparel and outerwear that provides one with the perfect balance of style and performance.

The collection catalog is captured by Hasse Nielsen and stars model Reece Sanders, who poses in studio and in front of a colourful rock-wall backdrop.

Authored by Jana Pijak

Images from Highsnobiety
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