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Friday, March 1, 2013

Ambiguously Disguised Catalogs: Manon Kundig's 'Bowerbird' Collection Showcases a Layering of Patterns

The Manon Kundig 'Bowerbird' collection features ambiguous and genderless garments that are enriched in a sea of painterly colors. The Antwerp-based designer takes visual inspiration from the world of popular culture and digital media and often experiments with technology to create her artfully conceived textiles.

From scarves and robes to oversized capes, models pose for this off-kilter catalog while hidden behind face-concealing disguises. Kundig's color-enriched creations are inspired by humankind and aim to blur the lines between artist and public, and stage and crowd. 

The unconventional designer experiments with strange materials and is known for working with inflatable latexes and hand-marbled silks.

Check out the above pieces and more of THE BRUNETTES' favorites from this collection here!

Authored by Jana Pijak

Images from Trend Hunter and MANON KUNDIG

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