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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Swag Brag: World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013 Edition

One of the most exciting reasons to attend any fashion event is to see what swag you’ll receive for the honor of your presence. The shows and sponsors of World MasterCard Toronto Fashion Week Spring 2013 didn’t disappoint when it came to generous giveaways. Clothing, beauty products, jewelry, accessories, sweets, underwear, stationary, fashion rags, gift cards, vouchers for cosmetic procedures, and many other tony gifts were doled out to fashion personalities, media and special guests over the course of the week. 

Some of our favorites included a leather, buckled bracelet from Mackage, a $100.00 gift card from Rachel Sin, dress shirts and trousers from EXPRESS, and color-blocked, linen pocket squares from Whitney Linen. But the best gift bag, without question, had to come from the essie booth.

The award-winning nail art brand gave accredited media gift packs with over $200.00 of merchandise inside that featured still-to-be-released products so top secret that we can’t show it here until it is released in 2013. The bag also came packed with some on-trend colors of polish, nail care, and a chic, magnetic polish that leaves an embossed, croc-leather design on your nails with the use of a special magnet in its cap.

The essie booth didn’t stop there though; they gave free nail makeovers and new, runway-inspired polishes to all in attendance, while also providing its services to many of the runways at Fashion Week itself. 

Authored by John Ibbitson 

Images from THE BRUNETTES’ own collection *not to be used without providing a source link to this posting


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