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Saturday, November 15, 2014

THE BRUNETTES @ the East Room Launch

Last night THE BRUNETTES travelled over to Toronto’s east end to celebrate the launch of East Room, a membership office space that gives professionals and creatives a hip, collaborative environment to work and offers its members more than just a desk, but also a place to network, host meetings, and grow their businesses.

Guests at the party included celebrities, media, and many young professionals from the complete gamut of creative fields.  Oysters and lobster rolls, plus a selection of bar-rail drinks were served throughout the night, giving attendees all the sustenance they needed to explore the many offices, meeting rooms and common areas of East Room’s stylish studio space.

Authored by John Ibbitson

Images from East Room’s Facebook page and THE BRUNETTES’ own collection *images from THE BRUNETTES’ collection not to be used without providing a source link to this posting

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