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Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Interactive Home Fashion Exhibits: KORHANI home Wows Guests Attending the Interior Design Show 2014

Attending a special media preview and tour of the Interior Design Show, along with a delicious breakfast sponsored by KORHANI home, John of THE BRUNETTES travelled over to the 
Metro Toronto Convention Centre to learn about how elements of interior design and home accessories are inspired by trends in the fashion industry.

Exhibits from KORHANI home and IKEA, among others, best illustrated how patterns, textiles, and colours straight from the runway translate into vibrant home finishings. The IKEA showroom also displayed how the company's wares provide a solid foundation for the building blocks of a home, which can be dressed up with more expensive accessories for a touch of glamour and that high-end look. 

Art pieces from Caesarstone demonstrated how quartz surfaces can be used in interior design for more than just countertop creations, while the stunning Solo Home transformed a small amount of living space into a luxurious, energy-efficient bungalow constructed with many Canadian materials.

But it was KORHANI home's interactive installation, which used projection technology to turn lifeless mannequins into legendary characters, that really captured the attention of the 70-plus members of the media at the event. 

KORHANI home's Designer and Creative Director, Kristen Korhani, invited attendees on an virtual journey that transported them from Versailles to the mythical world of Wonderland in less than eight minutes. Her indoor and outdoor collection of tapestry designs were constructed as designer pieces, which have also been showcased on the runways of World Master Card Fashion Week, worn both by live models and mannequins as part of the museum-quality exhibit. 

After walking through the multimedia experience, guests were given a collection of designer pins pleasantly packaged in an organza gift bag as a memento of their journey and had the opportunity to purchase a selection of KORHANI home fashions, all reasonably priced at under $100.00, from the exhibit's pop-up shop.

Authored by John Ibbitson

Images from THE BRUNETTES' own collection *images from THE BRUNETTES' collection not to be used without providing a source link to this posting

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