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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Opulent Beetle Wing Accessories: The Myles Sexton Spring 2014 Runway Presentation Finds Beauty in the Unexpected

Unique and unconventional beauty was celebrated at the Myles Sexton Spring 2014 runway presentation. Showcased at The Spoke Club in Toronto, this inspiring line of Elytra beetle wing accessories left its audience in awe.

In addition to his jewelry design talents, Myles Sexton is quickly becoming a Canadian household name, having also made a splash in the worlds of modeling and makeup artistry. The multi-talented designer is probably best known for his winning personality and androgynous look that make him a standout at Toronto fashion events. 

Sexton's refreshing designs embodied a one-of-a-kind aesthetic and showcased his intricate, hand-embroidery techniquesThe designer's custom-made pieces were all constructed using countless Elytra beetle wings, a material chosen for its weightlessness, durability, and iridescent sheen.

A palette of opulent greens, blues, and violets caught the attention of audience members as heavy statement necklaces, textured shoulder pieces, and most notably, an intricately crafted beetle wing corset graced the runway stage. 

The Torontonian joined forces with Montreal-based D I A D O T I designer Luca Galardo, who paired his crisp and edgy garments with Sexton's complementing accessories. Galardo's leather-panelled trousers, sheer-fabric frocks, and fitted maxi dresses blurred gender lines, while Sexton's accessories added a ray of light to a dark fabric palette. These perfect pairings were worn by a group of androgynous and unconventional models that embodied the evening's message of non-traditional beauty. 

Authored by Jana Pijak

Images from Addicted

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