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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Hashtagged Holiday Couture: Target Transforms the World MasterCard Runway into a Christmas Spectacular

THE BRUNETTES prefer their holiday time preceded by a hashtag. That's why we found the launch of Target's #MyKindOfHoliday campaign to be one of the most entertaining shows of World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014.

With gift-giving models, Christmas tunes, and fake snow falling from above, Target took a somewhat more commercial route and showcased current Fall/Winter pieces from the retailer's in-house labels instead of unwrapping its Spring/Summer 2014 collections on the runway. Models sported affordable looks from Target's CherokeeMerona, and Mossimo lines, which were impeccably styled to appear more high end.

The show was all about fun and reminding consumers that Target is the place to shop for all of their holiday needs, even if it was way back in October. Models sold the festive theme by interacting with the audience, handing out gifts before and during the show, walking with high energy and big smiles, and even high-fiving each other as they passed one and other on the runway. 

The show ended with an all-star appearance from Target mascot Bullseye, the brand's iconic, pet terrier,  which garnered joyful cheers, applause, and #MyKindOfHoliday photo tweets from a fashionista audience that was feeling the Christmas spirit a little early this year.   

Target's furniture and housewares even made an appearance in the tent. The usual, wooden, folding-chair seating in the first couple of rows had been swapped out with more comfortable, living-room loungers from Target's inventory, while every seat in the room came with either a faux-fur throw or a festive pillow placed on top of it as a complementary gift for attending.  

Target also had the best sponsor booth inside the tent's common space where World MasterCard Fashion Week guests could snack on a chocolate version of the Target REDcard, try on jewelry or accessories handpicked off of a miniature, moving conveyor belt, pose for a pic at a photo station, and have an expert touch up their makeup before making their way to their next show. Pulling out all the seasonal stops, the Target runway presentation and sponsor booth at World MasterCard Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2014 definitely kick-started THE BRUNETTES' anticipation for the holiday season. 

Authored by John Ibbitson

Images from the World MasterCard Fashion Week website and THE BRUNETTES' own collection *images from THE BRUNETTES' collection not to be used without providing a source link to this posting   

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