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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Raver-Themed Sreetwear: The Jylle Navarro x Sink The Pink Collection Lookbook Embraces Electric Hues

The Jylle Navarro x Sink The Pink collaboration collection celebrates the wild and infamous UK nightlife event with a bold lookbook of images. This line of unisex knitwear features patterned separates and winter-ready headwear that are showcased in a palette of vivid, highlighter hues. 

Reminiscent of something out of director Harmony Korine's controversial cult classic 'Spring Breakers', this collection of letter-accented balaclavas, crop tops and knee-length tights is sure to get one noticed at their next crowded rave event.

Jylle Navarro is known for pushing boundaries with her fearless aesthetic and this collection is no exception. The designer pairs neon hues with typographic patterns that boast the Sink the Pink event logo in large block letters.

Inspired by the 90s, this lookbook is a nod to the lost generation's wild, club-kid aesthetic and its triumphant return into a recent status of mainstream popularity.

Authored by Jana Pijak

Photos courtesy of Jylle Navarro

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