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Friday, August 30, 2013

Red-Bottomed Shoe Showcases: The Christian Louboutin Exhibition Celebrates 20 Years of the Designer’s Fabulous Footwear

A temporarily blonder version of BRUNETTE John Ibbitson headed over to the Design Exchange earlier this week to get an up-close-and-personal tour of the museum’s Christian Louboutin Exhibition, which is currently on display now through the 15th of September.

A must for any shoeaholic, fashionista, or lover of excessively extravagant design, the Christian Louboutin exhibit celebrates 20 years of the designer’s work, life, and history in the world of high fashion, and puts a brilliantly curated selection of some of the designer’s most iconic, red-soled heels on display.

Visitors of the exhibit can expect to see footwear worn by top Hollywood actresses and pop divas, as well as pieces inspired by everything from world cultures to major fashion movements, and from ordinary objects to personal mementos and stories from Louboutin’s past. 

There is even a velvet-curtained section of the retrospective that lets guests explore their naughty side with a voyeuristic look into some of the designer’s more risqué pieces and the creation process behind them. The exhibit also houses a wide selection of men’s shoes, an interactive hologram featuring Louboutin’s celebrity muse, burlesque performer Dita Von Teese, and a fairytale-like telling of the artist’s life presented in a short, animated film. So if you’re like THE BRUNETTES and prefer flamboyance over function when it comes to your footwear, then the Christian Louboutin Exhibition is not to be missed.

Authored by John Ibbitson

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